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Forest Naturals is an independent UK manufacturer of natural food flavourings and taste solutions. We are based in the Forest of Dean where the creativity and ingenuity of the natural world are our source of inspiration. We have been working as natural flavouring suppliers since 1996, producing high quality products that meet our customer’s needs and requirements.

Forest Naturals cater for small and large companies understanding that small manufacturers or start-up businesses would find it impractical to buy large amounts of natural flavourings that may last years due to low dosage rates.“We believe that smaller companies deserve and have the right to, the same service and the same quality and professional ingredients as used by larger manufacturers...” - Clive Matthews (Managing Director).

What experience have Forest Naturals had in the past in supplying flavours for ice cream?

Forest Naturals produce a range of natural flavourings for food and drinks, and offer a huge variety of flavours, for nearly every application, whether that is bakery, dairy, savoury, or spice product flavourings,including our new and exciting ice cream flavours. Our in house development chefs have developed a unique range of flavouring combinations. These are all sourced from natural ingredients; some of these flavours include lavender, peppermint, and almond which have been developed into flavour mash ups.

How are flavour mash ups decided?

Forest Naturals decided on their ice cream flavour mash ups based on a continuation and refresh of the popular combinations created last year. Some of the mash ups available for 2015 include:

Lavender +caramel = Lavamel, Blueberry + Peppermint = Bluemint, Banana + Maple = Banaple, Almond + Raspberry = Bakewell

Why Forest Naturals?

Not only do we provide a high quality of service, dependent on client requirements, they are able to offer a unique level of flexibility with batch size production.

“If you tell us your requirements, as flavouring manufacturers, we can simplify your manufacturing process by providing; a large variety of natural flavours that are high quality, with the added ability to give you flexible pack sizes to suit your requirements.” Andrew Davies (General Manager)

Some other benefits Forest Naturals offer:

• Clean declaration of Natural Flavouring presented on packaging

• Using Natural Flavouring can add value to finished products

• Natural Flavourings supplied instead of non-natural flavouring at little to no on cost

No matter what you’re Natural Flavouring requirements are, you can be assured that Forest Naturals have the experience and facilities to assist you.

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Emailing: or Calling:+44 (0)1594 822885

Independent, Flavours, Natural Ingredients, Flavouring