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Why Forest

We let the natural world inspire our taste generation

Company overview

We are located in the Royal Forest of Dean, the ancient hunting grounds of English kings; we take our inspiration from the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us.

The Royal Forest of Dean is one of the most fascinating regions of Britain nestling between the Vale of Leadon, Severn Vale & Wye Valley. With its unique landscape, heritage, culture and land use it is unlike anywhere else in Britain and in 1939 it became the countries first national forest.

It is this location in the Royal Forest of Dean where the ingenuity and creativity of the natural world give us our inspiration.

Our parent company, House of Flavours Ltd, has been supplying large and medium sized food manufacturers since 1996.

We believe that smaller companies deserve the same kind of service and access to quality professional ingredients as used by larger manufacturers, but understand that it is often impractical for a smaller manufacturer, or start-up business, to buy large amounts of flavouring that may last many years(and tie up hundreds of pounds worth of cash flow).

Therefore, we are now proud to offer the same quality products, in quantities as little as 30ml, at sensible, real world prices.

Please have a browse through our online shop and see our range of quality natural ingredients.

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Independent, Flavours, Natural Ingredients, Flavouring